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  • Beast
  • Tallinn, Estonia


  • Car Rent


  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Branding


  • Mashatov Ruslan
  • Usatenko Vlad
  • Kovalsky Stas


Beast is an ambitious carsharing project from Estonia that presents a range of exclusive Tesla models.

Inspired by Tesla, their approach and desire is to serve the mission of reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. The Beast team envisioned their goal as a way to break the stereotype that electric car rental is expensive and impractical.

That’s why working with the Beast team was more than just an app and branding design. It was a challenge for us to implement ambitious plans and innovative approach into a visual interface and promote the Beast brand the best way possible.

Solutions we provided for the Beast:

  • Found an approach to the consumer by breaking the stereotype that Tesla cars are beyond the reach of the majority of users
  • Created a simple and practical interface where functionality covers both basic and unique user needs.
  • Translate the idea through branding design that car rental can be affordable and easily used for everyday commuting.


Estonia is a small but innovative country with ambitions. Tallinn, the Estonian capital, plans to substitute all public transport with fuel engines to electric alternatives by the end of 2035.


Electric charging
stations nationwide

40-60 km

Average distance between
charging stations


Annual increase in the
number of electric cars


The year of expected
breakthrough for electric cars

Estonia itself was the first country in the world to cover the entire territory with a network of electric charging stations. The potential for electric carsharing is high among the population.

In 2020 the number of registered electric vehicles in Estonia has significantly grown compared to 2019


Increase in electricaly chargable vehicles (ECV) registration


Increase in battery electric vehicles (BEV) registration


Increase in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) registration


One important focus we had on is that it should be easy and affordable to rent a car for the user's daily rides. Prototypes are an important step in implementing those requirements.

Each scenario of a user activity needs to be considered before starting the UI design. We covered not only the main user scenarios but more complex flows as well. Indeed, flows where the use of the application can eliminate the need for googling or contacting technical support.

Customer journey map

The customer journey is the sequence of steps the user goes through when using the application. Visualizing the customer journey helps us understand which steps can be simplified or which of the flows should be restructured to make the product even better.


The strict black and white color scheme were chosen to emphasize uncompromised minimalism. The accent colors are made to focus attention on important elements of the interface, which are useful for the driver if he or she needs to get important information while driving.


If minimalism can be emphasized with colors and strictness, then conciseness should be shown through fonts. That's why we have chosen a combination of Montserrat and Muli.


By exploring the idea of clarity and minimalism, we have chosen outlined icons for this project. This style of icons looks elegant and neat while retaining good readability and clarity.

Car Search Flow

The main flow is to find and rent a car. Our user needs to know everything about the car and the route to it before making a decision and starting the trip. We show user the parameters of the car as well as all stages of the route.


If there is no car nearby, this should not be a barrier for the user to use the application. Radar is a flow that allows the system to search for cars and automatically book a car if one appears available within the specified radius.

This will help the user not to be distracted by the smartphone and focus on other tasks. All that remains is to wait for the notification about the found car and automatic booking in the searched radius.

Car Statistics and Maps

Time, price, vehicle data and route are the essentials that can take user's attention away from the road for a few moments. That is why we decided to remove redundant elements from the interface and give access only to the necessary information while driving.

To save the driver from using third-party apps for maps or traffic, we've designed route scenarios, where the system selects the path to a charging station in advance in case of a lack of car’s charge for the entire route. This will help user to save time and explore the options they have with Beast.

System illustrations and the wheel of fortune

For clear and more successful communication with users, we have developed several easily scalable illustration templates, that show important changes in trip and car status.

Wheel of Fortune is the entertainment section of the app where the user can win Hypr Cash. This is an in-app currency that can be spent to partially cover the cost of a trip. If you make a fortune, you'll have enough to enjoy several free rides from Beast.

Car damage reports

To maintain the fleet condition and maximize driver comfort, we have implemented a vehicle condition report function. Before each trip, the driver is prompted to inspect the vehicle. If the damage is found, the driver can take a picture, describe the problem, and then send it to the company for review.

A library of components

The design system was assembled according to the principle of atomic design with an emphasis on practicality. The design is simple and flexible in terms of scaling and various scenarios.


Initially, there was no request to implement corporate identity. However, the Beast team proposed an initiative to design posters and t-shirts for branding efforts.

We are not a full-service agency and rarely take on such challenges. But given our successful cooperation with Beast, we decided to give it a try.

Our branding efforts further expanded to the branding of cars and car charging stations.

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