Hello! It’s Glow
Design Agency

We help startups, scale-ups and unicorns to improve product metrics through design: Speed up task completion time

our mission

Simple design for complex products

our vision

To become a leader in enterprise design by creating game-changing products

Meet our founders

Back in 2019, we had a goal to create an agency that would help its clients with design in complex industries. Few years later, our partners became our friends, and designers became our family.

Ruslan Mashatov
Co-Founder & Lead Designer
Stas Kovalsky
Co-Founder & Lead Designer
Dmitriy Zelenko
Product Designer
Pavel Dobronosov
Project Manager
Julia Kuznetsova
Product Designer
Anastasiia Lavrentii
Product Designer
Natalia Korneliuk
Product Designer
Daria Haman
HR Manager
Liudmyla Gramatyk
Content Manager
Oleh Badychka
Product Designer
Oleksandr Kryvoshei
Product Designer
Nikita Nanashy
Project Manager
Ksenia Kozhukhar
UI/UX Designer
Liliia Sazhienko
Financial Manager
We push for innovation in product design. Digital transformation knocks in the door of every industry, and we provide services that will help you be ahead of time with product design decisions that last.
We don’t settle with just "ok". We exceed expectations and bring everything to 110%. Even if something is already in action, we try to improve it. There is nothing perfect but we aim for perfection.
Glow is a small and cozy family. Our strength is in our unity. Here you can be yourself. Show your strong sides and others will cover your weaknesses. Together we are more than just one.
We work with complicated products, but we aim to make them simple. Simple how? Simple with right priorities: focus on the main and discard the rest. 20% of effort bring 80% of the result.
Every product is designed for people. And honesty is crucial in relationships. That is why we are always honest with people, and design we are working on. Even if it drives us out of the comfort zone.

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