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  • Ruslan Mashatov
  • Dmitry Zelenko
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The construction industry, like no other, requires process automation. Our goal was to design a system that would help construction firms to keep their fleet in good condition and easily manage it.

FleetChaser is a construction industry GameChanger

Good fleet management apps exist without a doubt, but none of them are focused on the construction industry. Of course, except Fleetchaser. And this industry is huge: as of the summer of 2019, the construction market only in the US is estimated at $1,293 bn.

$11.4 tln

Spent worldwide in 2018

$12.9 tln

Global output by 2022

>180 mln

People work in industry

Only 18%

Firms use apps

Real devices, real team

In order to transfer details about each vehicle to the app, FleetChaser's team created their own unique devices. The team behind FleetChaser is unique by combining professionalism and a human approach to each of their client.

How it works

Construction company managers can track location of their vehicles on a map, know their speed, technical condition and much more. This data is shown in live on the app with the help of FleetChaser device.

Call FC team

Team of FC specialists arrives at company’s parking area

Connect devices

FleetChaser devices connect to vehicles of the fleet

Manage your fleet

Dispatchers and managers can see all vehicles inside the app


While the app is focused on the map, the other parts of it have a lot of white space with bright color accents on details like vehicles pins, location areas, statuses, etc.


A lot of drivers use Android phones during work. So why not create familiar invironment for them with Roboto font? It fits well with hard interfaces, provides easy readability, and does not take a lot of space.

Design system: custom upgrade of Material Design

When Glow started cooperation with FleetChaser, the product was already launched using the Material Design system. Working on new features we needed to do a lot of custom controls and components, but with consideration of the basic guidelines.

Travel history

Would you like to see travel history of specific vehicle? No problem, just open the tab of vehicle details on the Map screen. It helps to find specific routes of the car and understand driver behavior in case of an accident.


The reports page gives a detailed look at vehicle usage and IFTA for specific periods. As an example, the most efficient drivers are on-site at the moment. More useful charts will be added in the future.

Track your fleet in real time right on the map

On the map screen dispatchers can see the list of all vehicles and quickly find each one on the map. Each vehicle has its own status (travel, speeding, stop or idle), speed, fuel indicator and many other technical details.

Vehicle details

Vehicles page is the big part of the app. It includes all the details about each car, maintenance history, engine light codes, photos and comments from drivers and engineers. When the company is quite big, it is hard to the track technical state of each vehicle. FleetChaser solves this task with flexible system of alerts.


Dashboard info helps dispatchers and other company members to look at their work process from a bird's eye view. It shows the number of active vehicles, miles traveled and engine hours. There are statistics about different locations and more.

Ready for mobile

The desktop version of FleetChaser has a lot of data. But dispatchers want to be flexible and manage the work process even in their building yard. That’s why we created a mobile version of the app, which lets users do their job even on a tiny screen.


The main goal of fleetchaser.com is to tell potential clients about the product and let them request a demo. We highlighted the main features of the app and showed the whole process with a beautiful illustration. By the way, can you see these waves in the background? This pattern is familiar for construction workers who use topographic maps a lot.

Results are impressive

Redesign of the platform helped FleetChaser to attract new customers and increase the rate of satisfaction with the product of its current users. We can’t wait to see the new features in the future updates.

36.4 mln

Total miles tracked

1.9 mln

Working hours tracked

> 10,000

Active vehicles


U.S. state covered

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