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Glow Design Agency designed an app for a self-service car rental app. They provided a competitor's analysis, wireframes, and UI concepts for all screens. During the final stages, they presented a prototype.
Micha Mazaheri
Co-Founder, Electric Beast OÜ
Glow Design Agency offered frontend design services to a GPS tracking software company to elevate and unify the existing site. They continue to assist with design needs on an ad hoc basis.
Vitaly Babiy
Founder, FleetChaser
Glow Design provided UI/UX design for a office space provider and has since expanded their role to include design updates for the site's front- and backend as well as social media visuals and animations.
Eric Zellhart
VP Product, LiquidSpace
Glow Design Agency provided UI and UX design services for e-cars charging market company. They were tasked with designing the UX and UI of the app's prototype.
Max Grollmann
Managing Director
The team was organized and communicative throughout the process, breaking down complex industry concepts and translating them into a sleek and useable UI.
Jon Fry
Founder, FinTech Company
Glow Design Agency handled frontend development for a learning management system company. They provided several UI design options for implementation into the client's web application.
Scott Kuchinski
Product Manager, IT Company
Glow was hired by an e-commerce platform for their UI/UX design services. They redesigned website and provided support. After the new website was launched, the client saw a significant increase in conversions.
Vinicius Rodrigues
CTO, E-Commerce Platform
Glow provides ongoing web design for a social media services firm. The team provided layout prototypes, an admin dashboard. The team communicated effectively despite having different timezones.
Jacob Berg
CTO, Social Curator
An online education company hired Glow Design Agency to create the designs for a new website and the first version of its platform. The team was responsive to feedback, which was a significant part of why they quickly moved forward.
Sinthuja Nagalingam
CEO at Tilt
Glow Design Agency designed the UX/UI of a digital agency's new SaaS. A team of two worked to design a platform that automates the RFP process. While the product is still in development, Glow has delivered promising work.
Tim Bogza
CEO & Founder, Digital Agency
Frequently Asked Questions

We stand for bringing complex solutions in simple and comprehensible forms. Turn complex digital systems into clean and usable products.

We care for consistent user flow from the first demo to full-scale Omni channel operations. We ensure that for the user the first experience pays off and the last never comes.

At Glow, we believe that strong relationships and transparent communication are the foundation for collaboration success.

We provide the estimate after the discovery call with the client (You can book a call right now).

Our pricing model is a flat rate per hour. The rate itself depends on the amount of work, time estimate, and number of required specialists. 90% of our projects start with a proper estimation process that result in a clear cost structure and a timeframe. We care for consistent user flow from the first demo to full-scale Omni channel operations. We ensure that for the user the first experience pays off and the last never comes.

Team size may vary due to the scale of the project. Nevertheless, we always provide our customers with a product designer, a lead designer, and a project manager.

We also perform brainstorming sessions with specialists from other Glow teams to find best solutions for the complex product challenges.

Our expertise and design process helps us minimize the number of revisions. To achieve this we conduct thorough discovery sessions with the lead designer and project manager to define the design and general product direction for future updates.

We also bring several test-ready versions for each solution so the best one can be determined.

There are cases where we suggest new features or the scope of work results to be bigger than was expected. In this case, we take additional time to agree on new features or to adjust the work scope affecting the roadmap and pushing deadlines.

Figma Jam – for research, generating ideas, and workshops with clients.

ClickUp – our project management tool to coordinate within the team and meet deadlines.

Figma – our main design tool.

Slack – client & agency communication (Each project gets a separate channel).

E-mail – formal communication for updates and mockup approvals.

We do not provide development but we do every other thing related to product design. Also, we always keep in touch with developers and make sure that the communication is friendly and transparent.

We work with different kinds of projects and are happy to help your startup get its spark. Contact us and we will discuss details.

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