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Step-by-step process for trial period

Discovery Call
We get in touch with your team and gather all the information necessary to dive into your product.
With all the data gathered, we develop a personalized design that will complement your product and make it shine and glow.
Work Presentation
You receive the result of our work during a presentation call, where we not only show you the new design, but also explain our decisions and how they will improve the product.
After the end of the trial period, we can form a long-term partnership to bring your product to its full potential.
Does your product need an additional spark? Or are you just preparing your startup to shoot for the stars? Whatever the case, we are eager to help you make your product glow with our 2-week trial period.
Trial team
Project Manager
Product Designer
And you
2 weeks = 10 workdays
(with the 3 first days out of charge)
A fitting design solution for your business pain points.
What do we do?
Latvia's largest digital bank is looking for a new visual identity and we were ready to help.
visual identity
A software development company that provides embedded credit infrastructure.
product design
Beast Tesla Rent
Latvia's largest digital bank New vision identity, update UX & UI
mobile design
product design
CryptoGenie is a yantra that predicts the directional trend of cryptocurrency pairs.
visual identity

Frequently asked questions

What if I like the result but want to make some changes?
We always include time for edits in the trial period. However, if the trial is over, we will be glad to form a long-term partnership to work on any changes you need for your product.
Are different time zones a problem for communication?
Absolutely not, our project managers will set the most convenient time for productive communication.
I have a startup. Is it worth investing in design?
Yes, as an example, We have partners who began as startups and are now Y-combinator stars with the help of well-tailored design solutions.
When do I pay?
You pay in advance. As a greeting bonus, the first 3 days are free of charge, so you will need to pay only for 7 out of 10 workdays.
What services can I get during the trial period?
There is no limit to the number of services as long as it’s reasonable ;) We can do anything design-related that can solve your business problems.
Who will work on my project?
The trial team always consists of a Project Manager, a Product Designer, and a Lead Designer.