Logotype Case Study: Electric cars charging app

Olga Levchenko
Product Designer

Hey! At Glow Design Agency we are focused on efficient product design solutions for transportation companies. We have completed a lot of projects starting from carsharing applications to complex fleet management systems and we are expanding our services to branding work for our partners. Whether it is a product from scratch or an existing product, helping with an identity becomes an interesting challenge to solve through design. As a result, we are taking the next step and will show you the process of creating an identity for electric car application. Let’s get started!

Electric cars are changing the transportation industry at the moment, but the car infrastructure is still focused on gasoline cars rather than electric alternatives. Owners of electric vehicles face a lot of challenges with charging whether it’s a short trip to work or long road trips between the cities. That is why we decided to create a concept of an application that solves the problems of charging and direction to the desired destination. Our main goal was to provide the user with the best route by analyzing battery level to prevent unexpected problems on the road. Application allows you to use contactless payment and see the charging points along the route with ability to book the station.


The ground work began with the creation of the logo and distinct style. Following the idea of a map application, we researched the competitors in the industry to find a niche for electric car owners. Plugs, sockets, batteries and other visual elements were obvious for us and made us take a deeper look at the potential logo.

Our first brainstorm session formed several criteria of potential application design process:
• Application logo that stands out among the competitors
• Simple and easy experience while riding a car with a driver mode
• Green and Blue accent colors are associated with electric cars.

The logo was a combination of textual and abstract, making it easy for us to create further moodboard with gradients and simple shapes.

Association map

Association map was the next step in our design exploration. In short, the association maps allows you to create a chain of words connected with each other. Despite all the chaos on the map it helped to lead us to many unexpected metaphors. As an example, we provide a piece of our exploration below.

There were a lot of ideas that made it to the voting inside our agency, check them out!

Voting in Figma

Our sketch process was done in an old-fashioned way on paper at first, but we switched to Procreate to spend less time on countless iterations of the sketch process. Check out the screens below.


The final step of logo creation is vectorizing, which is not only about forms but colors and gradients as well. Each of the previous four ideas had different color pallets. To achieve additional volume we used Figma to help us with inner and drop shadow effects. To finalize the look, we put out icons to use in the mobile app concept to see how it would look on the screen. The last touch was suitable font that would fit the logo.

That how we got to the end with the finished concept. Let us know if our exploration was helpful and we would be happy to do the same thing for you.

The final voting decided that Bount was ahead of everyone!

Our idea came from the beautiful glass and the pouring process, similar to the battery charging by the electric energy. The gradients exploration that we used started from vivid cyan to strong phthalo blue. All in all, blue is associated with open spaces, freedom and represents trust and confidence. The values that we want to translate through our application to the users.

We hope that you enjoyed this design exploration, you can see even more on Behance in identity case for Bount map app!

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