From Brand Recognition to Market Domination: Harnessing Visual Identity in Product Design

Artem Kovalenko
Product Designer

At Glow Design Agency, we know from our own experience that the success of a product depends on not only an intuitive interface, a well-executed marketing company, or the benefits the product brings to the end user. All of these things work in a complex!

A product is almost guaranteed to fail if one of the aforementioned aspects is underdeveloped. However, what they have in common is their base — visual identity. Putting it simply, visual identity is a language of visual techniques that is the foundation for all visual aspects and user interaction for an app, web service, or website.

Identity is crucial for shaping the image of a digital product and its brand; it is an essential part of a successful business. Identity helps to establish brand recognition, appeal and convey values of a brand or product.

Brand Recognition

Visual Elements, such as the logo, color palette, fonts, and style of graphical elements, create the unique identity of a brand. Users seeing these elements instantly recognize your brand and establish a link with your products and services.

Appeal and Emotional Impact

A well-developed visual identity will attract attention and provoke emotional responses in users. It can establish positive associations, enhance trust and provide an emotional link with your brand and product.

Uniformity and Consistency

Visual identity helps provide a single image of your brand and digital product for all platforms and communication channels that are used. This is important for establishing and maintaining a trustworthy and professional brand image.

Differentiate from Competitors

Visual identity makes your product stand out among competitors and provides a unique image of the brand. A well-thought-out identity will attract more users and place itself in users’ consciousness.

Intuitiveness and Navigation

If the visual identity is structured and consistent, the digital product will be more comprehensive and easy to use. Bright colors, clear fonts, and understandable icons help users easily navigate and use the product.

It is highly important for building a correct user interaction with the product. Visual identity carries two roles: making your product visually unique and teaching users the right way to interact with the product through visual solutions.

Identification Chain and Marketing

Visual identity also contributes to building the identification chain: from the logo to design elements and marketing materials. A strong connection chain benefits the link between your brand and product.

Safe to say, visual identity is of great importance for marketing and attracting new clients. The first impression a user gets and falls for is the visuals; if the website or product is visually pleasant it has a bigger appeal for new users and potential clients. An appealing and remarkable design provokes interest along with boosting recognition and the coverage of the brand through social media and other communication channels.

To sum up everything said, visual identity is the essential component of a successful digital product and business.

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